Jacquie Walker

Title: Travel Consultant

Specialty: Corporate travel, small meetings and events. Providing travel services to the entertainment industry: actors, VIPs, athletes and their staffs moving them around for events and public appearances.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Certifications: CTA

Favorite Client Compliment: “Thank You for making a Customer and Not a Sale”

Favorite Foreign Saying: A smile can erase a million worries

Air, Land or Sea? Land. You can Explore the Beauty

Favorite ARTA Travel: Adopting a family at Christmas time. Caravanning together to get the gifts and food to the family.

Favorite Trip you have Taken: Australia – Great Barrier Reef

Where else have you traveled? Asia, The Caribbean. South America, Europe

What is the best part of you job? Talking to clients from all walks of life and listening to their travel experiences and travel tips from around the world. That is “Priceless”

Contact: jacquie@artatravel.com

Jacquie Walker

Corporate Office

5700 West Plano Pkwy
Suite 1400
Plano, TX 75093

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