Steve McSwain

Title: COO

Specialty: Corporate Travel Evaluation, Leisure Travel Planning & Group Travel Fulfillment

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Certifications: GetThere Master Programmer

Favorite Customer Compliment: You took a completely de-centralized and money-bleeding budget item and organized it so that it functions efficiently and economically.

Favorite foreign saying learned abroad:
Sláinte = Irish – It means ‘health’ and is used when toasting someone, like ‘Cheers’ in English.

Air, Land, or Sea: Air if I’m in a hurry (Business or First over the water), Land is great if I have a lot of time to explore and experience culture, Sea if I want to visit multiple ports without unpacking.

Favorite ARTA Tradition: ARTA Travel Trips (allows everyone to spend time together in a foreign location)

Favorite Trip around the globe you have taken so far: South Africa during our Winter and the Mediterranean during our Summer.

Where else have you traveled? All 7 continents, too many countries to list.

What is the best part of your job? Supporting the Amazing ARTA Travel team as they solve problems, plan success’ and create memories.


Steve McSwain

Corporate Office

5700 West Plano Pkwy
Suite 1400
Plano, TX 75093

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