Vickie Christine

Title: Business Development/Corporate Account Manager

Specialty: Customizing travel management solutions for the unmanaged travel program

Hometown: Dallas born, Oklahoma City bred

Certifications: Vegas, Cancun, New York City, California, Hawaii specialist

Favorite Customer Compliment: “I couldn’t have done it without you”

Favorite foreign saying learned abroad: “do the mindful”

Air, Land, or Sea: Definitely air. Airports are the best people watching places on the planet. Where else can you be and see all at the same time happy, sad, excited, anxious, preoccupied, and curious represented on the faces of travelers. If ever you feel out of touch with the human race, go fly somewhere.

Best Travel Tip: Plan ahead

Favorite Trip: India

Favorite ARTA Tradition: Every day is a new tradition
Favorite Trip around the globe you have taken so far:

Where else have you traveled? Western Europe, Mexico, Canada, Caribbean, Central America, and 46 of 50 US States.

What is the best part of your job? Being a valued problem solver for my clients

What inspired your love of travel: From earliest memories of picking my father up at the airport after a long business trip, associating the smell of jet fuel with him coming home or the thrill of going somewhere. We’d get to the airport early and spend hours at the gate area waiting for his arrival and watching people arrive. By the time I was 6, I knew that I wanted a career in travel.

What do you like to do when you’re not traveling: Watching sports, attending concerts


Vickie Christine

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