You make us look good.

You make us look good – You’re making our firm look good to both our traveling candidates and those respective clients as well.


My job is easier.

My job is easier – Shout Out to Ann Dennis at ARTA Travel who extends a “Red Carpet” approach to Customer Service!


Smooth corporate travel.

Smooth corporate travel – No bumps in the road except for one whose flight got canceled and you were to reschedule him quickly.


Storm delays.

Storm Delays – You fought through the March storm delays like no one else could have. Because of you, we had a very successful trip.


Successful Customer Reward Program.

Successful Customer Reward Program – In our industry, incentives play a major role in manufacturer specification selection. Simple rewards, when done correctly, can “flip” projects in our favor with windfalls of between $50,000 and $1MM.


When thing don’t go smoothly?

When thing don’t go smoothly? – You are a real professional in that you don’t get rattled, lose your composure, or lash out at the people who have dropped the ball.  READ MORE

Discerning group?

Discerning group? – I know this particular bunch was not necessarily the easiest to please, but everything paid off and we generated some excellent momentum for the company.  READ MORE

35-Day Adventure.

35-Day Adventure – A Great Trip Thanks to Joann! Throughout the process, she was always there to guide us, make reservations, ensure visa compliance and offer great suggestions.  READ MORE

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